Garraway Financial Trends – BarclayHedge Performance Award

9 February 2017

We are delighted to confirm that Garraway Financial Trends has been recognised with another award.  Garraway Financial Trends Class A GBP has been awarded a Top Ten Performance Award for 2016 by BarclayHedge in its peer group rankings.  BarclayHedge is one of the leading sources for research in alternative investments.  Its alternative investments database is among the largest globally. 

This further recognition follows the recent award of the maximum 5 Crown rating by Financial Express within the Managed Futures Sector, the only UCITS fund in the sector to hold this rating.

In 2016, Garraway Financial Trends Class A GBP generated a return of 19.99% net of fees.

This daily dealing UCITS fund aims to perform independently of traditional stock and bond investments, by taking long or short positions against global stock indices, government bonds & foreign exchange rates.  The investment process is entirely systematic and aims to identify and exploit price trends across these global markets with no bias to being long, short or flat.  The strategy can provide valuable diversification benefits and potentially improve the risk/reward profile of a traditional portfolio.

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